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Vote for Dreams

Vote for Dreams SVODVOD

Dreams, anguish and anger. Vote for Dreams features Camille, Julien and Julia, the director; they met during the anti-First Employment Contrat movement in France in 2006 at the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg. 

Párizs királya (Magyar feliratok)

Párizs királya (Magyar feliratok) SVODVOD

Két férfi rivalizálása, apa és fia, mindketten színészek, mind a színpadon, mind a szerelmi életükben.

Barber Westchester

Barber Westchester SVODVODDVD

Barber is a child like any other. His passion is astronomy. He is about to get his dream internship at NASA. An experience that quickly turns into a nightmare when he learns that space is a conspiracy created by NASA. A revelation that will plunge Barber into a total questioning about themself.

The tale of the Bushmen

The tale of the Bushmen SVODVOD

Filming in Botswana and Namibia, Pierre Mann is part of the tradition of ethnographic documentary by Jean Rouch.

China: The Uighur Tragedy

China: The Uighur Tragedy SVODVOD

A rigorous account of the tragedy of the Uyghurs, a minority victim of systemic repression and cultural genocide by the Chinese authorities.

Russia vs. Russia

Russia vs. Russia SVODVOD

Since the surprise return of Alexei Navalny to Russia in January 2021, the world has discovered the existence of a different Russia from that of Vladimir Putin. A Russia of the discontented.

Crash, are we ready for the next crisis?

Crash, are we ready for the next crisis? SVODVOD

What if the successive financial crises we are experiencing are hiding a deeper one?

Weed, Greed and Legalization

Weed, Greed and Legalization SVODVOD

As cannabis use continues to rise, a number of states across the world have decided on a radical course of action.

Brains in Danger

Brains in Danger SVODVOD

Decline in Intelligence Quotient, increase in autism and behavioral disorders: for twenty years, scientific studies show that human intelligence and mental health could be at risk.

Becoming Cary Grant

Becoming Cary Grant SVODVOD

For the first time one of Hollywood’s greatest stars tells his own story, in his own words.

The Things We Keep

The Things We Keep SVODVOD

Fifteen years of video friendship between two image makers: a rich and moving window on the world and on themselves.

Cyborgs Among Us

Cyborgs Among Us SVODVOD

This film will confront the viewer with the implications of going beyond human by letting machines become part of us.

The Race to Dope

The Race to Dope SVODVOD

Not a single week goes by without a new doping scandal in the world of sports.

Debt Machine

Debt Machine SVODVOD

What exactly is public debt? And why has it been spiraling for years?

The E-Waste Tragedy

The E-Waste Tragedy SVODVOD

What happens to our electrical and electronic waste? Computers, mobile phones, household appliances? Up to 50 million tonnes are thrown away every year in developed countries. All of which should be recycled on site. 

The Bloody Truth

The Bloody Truth SVODVOD

Scientists investigate in the heart of Africa in search of the origins of HIV.

Sport, the harder they fall

Sport, the harder they fall SVODVOD

Is there a life after sport? Have sports gone too far?

Words of the city

Words of the city SVODVOD

Mamadou Ba is a public writer. Twice a week, he works in a neighbourhood house in Montreuil.

To whoever wants to listen

To whoever wants to listen SVODVODDVD

To whoever wants to listen features the artists from the improbable world of Noise and extreme music, who have decided to take transgression to new limits in ways that are diverse to say the least.



Kooky takes you on a journey into childhood from the imagination of Oscar-winning director Jan Sverak. A stop-motion tale for everyone.

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