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Highway Rest Stop

Highway Rest Stop DVD

This film traces out the portrait of a motorway rest area located in the countryside in the North of France. It looks like a dream, filled with the whispering thoughts and the lives of those who work here, as well as those who are just passing through.

Happiness in Twenty Years

Happiness in Twenty Years DVD

This documentary about Czechoslovakia covers the period following World War II, beginning with the Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, up to 1970. The famous "defenestration of Prague" is one of the many events discussed. 

Haiti, destiny of a Nation

Haiti, destiny of a Nation SVODVOD

Born a slave in the French settlement of San Domingo - present-day Haiti - Louverture had an extraordinary career, becoming General of the French army and eventually the Governor of the colony. Opposing Napoleon, wishing to reestablish slavery, he died in 1803; a prisoner of a French Jura fortress.

Human Capital – The Employment Trade

Human Capital – The Employment Trade SVODVOD

Because of the globalisation of the world market, public employment exchanges face more and more impossible tasks, while the private recruitment agencies are becoming more professional. 

Healing ways...

Healing ways... SVODVODDVD

This film addresses a more global aspect of healing. Different visions and points of view on healing are presented. Spiritual healing and healing induced by thoughts are discussed. Do these women and men find their strength in love and faith ?

Harvesters of the Bay

Harvesters of the Bay SVODVODDVD

Ten years ago, a few enthusiasts decided to revive the historic salt production of Bourgneuf Bay in the west of France. They dug out and cleared the ancient salt pans to harvest Bay Salt once again.

Highly sensitive children

Highly sensitive children SVODVOD

They feel acutely the atmosphere of a place, absorb your emotion and feel it as if it were their own, but in an exacerbated way.Their senses are amplified.

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