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Chittagong, last stopover

Chittagong, last stopover VODDVD

Chittagong, Bangladesh: last stop for the cargo ship Alhambra. Paul, a French captain, has abandoned his ship to the scrap merchants of the sea. With no cargo, no crew, no future, he takes the train to Dhaka, the capital...


Trees VOD

"Arbres" (Trees) is the story of the Tree and trees. It begins with the Origins and then embarks upon a journey through the world of the tree and the trees of the world. The film reveals the huge differences and slight similarities between the Tree and Man, investigating the fascinating idea that, amongst plants, the tree fulfils the role played by man in the animal kingdom.

Remind Me

Remind Me VOD

As every Sunday, Solange is having a one way conversation with her aging mother. Suddenly, she interrupts her daughter with an unexpected questions, which catches Solange off guard.

Tunisia 2045

Tunisia 2045 VOD

Tunisia, 2045. A father and his daughter are waiting, they're worried and tired. Their future depends on a simple gesture.

Past Tense

Past Tense VOD

Of the past, remain memories, like a fragile trace of a time which isn't anymore…

Zaïna 46

Zaïna 46 VOD

Abdel has been working in a café for several years in France. His wife Zaïna has remained on the other side of the Mediterranean. And any attempt at communication makes the lack of the other more unbearable.

Prince Jordan

Prince Jordan VOD

Last winter, the storm Liliane blew away the district of “Les Lagunes” and with her, Prince Jordan, 15 years old. He was Linda’s lover and the natural leader of a bunch of kids from the corner. Sent to boarding school after the tragedy, Linda returns to the resort and finds that the small community is disintegrating.


Perseverance VOD

Portrait of a man of the sea : Dimitri is Fish Captain in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy. Far from his family, from monday morning to friday evening, aboard his trawller "La Persévérance", he tracks soles, mackerels, sea bass and squids ...

Our Territory

Our Territory VOD

“When I got back to Rignano, the Ghetto residents told me: ’You mustn’t keep any trace of our lives here. This despair is not yours to display’.

The misery in the Ghetto is the first thing that struck me, the first thing I wanted to show”.


Nereids VOD

Li Mo left China many years ago but the Nereides have never ceased haunting him. As those who saw these beautiful and deadly nymphs have consumed in desire.


Lifever VOD

Karine is 16 and lives with her mother. Every day, she chats with her father on a webcam. Mixing social drama and science fiction, the movie dives into the day-to-day life of an almost normal family…



Why Eve is waking up in the cellar ? What has she done to be locked up ?

The Last Time

The Last Time VOD

Love is made of compromise. Sophie is married and take a lot on herself. But this is the last time …

Near Future

Near Future VOD

Two screens. On the left, Tim is wandering through the city at night. On the right, his future is already being written: in a few seconds, he will be the victim of a very serious assault.

Beautiful Doors

Beautiful Doors VOD

"Les Belles portes" neighbourhood. Elsa is staying at her father's house while he is away on holiday, when her brother Jacques unexpectedly comes back from China.

The Urban Suite

The Urban Suite VOD

The Urban Suite follows two foreign videographers who venture into the historic residential area of Gyonam-dong, which is being demolished as part of a redevelopment project in Seoul.

Montmartre Kiss

Montmartre Kiss VOD

Il has loved Elle since he was a teenager. Tonight, he wants to seduce her but a couple of gangsters jeopardize his plans.

Belle Ville (eng)

Belle Ville (eng) VOD

Sun-haw is a Chinese-Korean woman who works illegally in a Korean hostel in Paris. She is waiting for her twin sister, who has just obtained a tourist visa for France. Sun-haw has planned everything: by leaving with her sister's passport, she will finally be able to exchange places.

14th of July

14th of July VOD

As a couple of elders wander through the streets of Paris, feelings start to come back and emotions arise…

Strike Night

Strike Night VOD

A glacial winter night. Kim undertakes by foot the last miles of a journey that started in North Korea. He's going to Marie's house but gets lost on the way.