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SUNDARBANS The silence islands


At the heart of Ganges Delta, hardly anyone ventures to the Silence Islands. Yet, the forgotten people of the sundurbans archipelago still survive there. With limited ressources consisting of shrimps, rice and wild honey, they face malaria, tuberculosis, cyclones, wild beasts and indifference. Appalled by their distressing condition, one of them, Mohammed Abdul Wohab, gave everything up to take care of this cast-off community.

AUROVILLE The city the earth needs

AUROVILLE The city the earth needs SVODVODDVD

For 1968, in the South of India, an utopian town develops and attracts inhabitants of all countries of the world. Auroville is an ambitious experience, a kind of laboratory from where will perhaps come out the ideal town of the future.

The Hermits


An emergency accommodation centre for homeless people, located in the suburbs of Paris. Here, a dozen men, coming from all walks of life, isolated and left out by society, are spending winter in a small temporary community. I call them "The Hermits".

Human Capital – The Employment Trade

Human Capital – The Employment Trade SVODVOD

Because of the globalisation of the world market, public employment exchanges face more and more impossible tasks, while the private recruitment agencies are becoming more professional. 

Victorine, 90 years of cinema in Nice

Victorine, 90 years of cinema in Nice SVODVOD

On the occasion of the revival of la Victorine, the only survivor amidst a few dozen film studios in Nice on the French Riviera, the time has come to have a closer look at its past: an adventurous and dramatic story. 

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