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Kooky takes you on a journey into childhood from the imagination of Oscar-winning director Jan Sverak. A stop-motion tale for everyone.

Purim, the tunnels of memory

Purim, the tunnels of memory SVODVODDVD

Austria, Linz 2009 - European Capital of Culture. A Purimspil, the ancestor of the Jewish Theater, is written by Yeshua Sobol and directed by David Maayan, two great Israeli's artists, and played in tunnels dug by the prisoners of the Mauthausen concentration camp. A documentary observation of the sidelines of a very unconventional play and its creative work about memory.

1943, a pause in the Holocaust

1943, a pause in the Holocaust SVODVOD

1943. While the “Final Solution” raged in Europe, the Italian Army protected the Jews in the areas they occupied. For 9 months a small alpine village in the South of France, 64 kilometres North of Nice, is changed into an Eastern European “shetel”. 

La Folle Entreprise (A Mad Venture)

La Folle Entreprise (A Mad Venture) SVODVOD

A woman in the present goes in search of a woman of the past, Jeanne Mance (1606-1673), co-founder of MontrealAnnabel Loyola is from Langres, France, birthplace of Jeanne Mance four hundred years earlier. The two women share a common itinerary that leads them from Langres to Paris and, finally, to Montreal.

A world of tea

A world of tea SVODVOD

Yellow, green, white or black. Before tasting and savouring tea, its lovers can enjoy its look and its smell. From China to Japan through India and Sri Lanka, this documentary deals with every aspect you need to know about tea, its story and how to enjoy it.

The "Grand detour" - First episode

The "Grand detour" - First episode SVODVOD

After leaving Grenoble on a bright Spring day, Delphine, Damien, and Buzzz, their tandem, don’t let a couple punctures and technical failures stop them from riding across the French and Spanish Pyrénées – towards Argentina, and a long and magnificent journey: headwind, cows and condors, and the Argentinian folk’s marvelous hospitality! Suffering...

The "Grand detour" - 2rd episode

The "Grand detour" - 2rd episode SVODVOD

After drought and misery in Bolivia, the 2 Ds and their tandem encounter jungle, rain, forests and glaciers, a true postal card life-siez: New Zealand; their trip there is paved with fabulous meetings with the Kiwi folk. And then, they land in Asia: what a shock ! Thailand, first, where they’ll both laugh and cry at their ignorance of the local ...

The "Grand detour" - 3rd episode

The "Grand detour" - 3rd episode SVODVOD

The Himalayas... the dream inside the dream, and a myth turned into reality for Delphine and Damien! 1.5 year after living France, they ride across forbidden Tibet, the highest country in the world, on their tandem bike, for 2 month and a half, and make a break along the way in Lhassa to capture the Tibetan folk's unmovable faith under Chinese ...

The Alchimical voyage - 5

The Alchimical voyage - 5 SVODVODDVD

Of "Le voyage alchimique - 5"
Fifth stage : El Camino de Compostela

The Alchimical voyage - 6

The Alchimical voyage - 6 SVODVODDVD

Of "Le voyage alchimique - 6"
Sixth stage : Paris and Nicolas Flamel

The Alchimical voyage - 7

The Alchimical voyage - 7 SVODVODDVD

Of "Le voyage alchimique - 7"
seventh stage : Notre-Dame of Paris

Marine waves

Marine waves SVODVODDVD

With CHRIS, Master Pastelist

CHRIS, a teacher from the Société des Pastellistes de France, paints a landsape based on a film clip of the Corniche Vendénne.

Creative Landscape

Creative Landscape SVODVODDVD

With Jean-Claude BAUMIER, Pastelist.

Inventive by nature, Jean-Claude Baumier from the Société des Pastellistes de France, recreates, with his shapes and colors of the landscapes of his environment, the Loire and the Sologne.



With Patrick GERMOND, Animal Pastelist.

Animal Pastelist, from the Société des Pastellistes de France, Patrick GERMOND chose to paint a portrait of a young lioness from Angola at the Parc des Félins, BENGUELA, in a dozen sessions.

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