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Karine is 16 and lives with her mother. Every day, she chats with her father on a webcam. Mixing social drama and science fiction, the movie dives into the day-to-day life of an almost normal family…

Near Future

Near Future SVODVOD

Two screens. On the left, Tim is wandering through the city at night. On the right, his future is already being written: in a few seconds, he will be the victim of a very serious assault.

Auroville, the golden bond

Auroville, the golden bond SVODVOD

Auroville, a cosmopolitan town in the South-East of India, has been named « the City of Dawn » four decades ago by the Mother, spiritual companion of the great indian sage Sri Aurobindo who dedicated his whole life to the evolution of consciousness. Nowadays, Auroville has 2200 inhabitants spread out into 100 communities.



Bruce Lipton has written "The Biology of Beliefs" and "Spontaneous Evolution" and is a world authority on relationships between science and spirit.

Caring for the Lagoon

Caring for the Lagoon SVODVODDVD

The magnificent lagoon of Mayotte, an island in the Indian Ocean, is at the very heart of local life. The Mahorans are aware of this and try to protect it. The lagoon of Mayotte is a cradle of hope : to build a future that will be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Paradise on our doorstep

Paradise on our doorstep SVODVODDVD

This film tells the story of redressing a problem. People in Europe have been straightening rivers for hundreds of years, drying floodplains and destroying the landscape near rivers. 
This has resulted in a drastic decline in the variety of species near and in rivers. But there is hope on the horizon from an unexpected source: of all things, as a result of human intervention, which played a part in destroying the natural surroundings: gravel pits.

Uccello ! The battle of San Romano

Uccello ! The battle of San Romano SVODVOD

This film is a journey through time with Professor James Blœdé, of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, to the heart of Paolo Uccello’s most cinematographic tryptic of the Italian Renaissance, a 15th Centuary masterpiece. More than a lesson in art history, more than a lecture about an artist’s painted work, this documentary, a pictorial analysis, is an invitation to cultivate the eye.

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