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Under the Palaver Tree

Under the Palaver Tree SVODVODDVD

In a small Beninese village named Guimbereru, tradition seems unchangeable. However, life has deeply changed since the Whites arrived. A gap has insidiously opened up between nearly hundred-year-old men and young people caught up in the wheel of globalization.

Uccello ! The battle of San Romano

Uccello ! The battle of San Romano SVODVOD

This film is a journey through time with Professor James Blœdé, of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, to the heart of Paolo Uccello’s most cinematographic tryptic of the Italian Renaissance, a 15th Centuary masterpiece. More than a lesson in art history, more than a lecture about an artist’s painted work, this documentary, a pictorial analysis, is an invitation to cultivate the eye.

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