This film is in English, but it is also available in French.
Ce film est en anglais, mais il est également disponible en version française.

The "Grand detour" - 2rd episode (52 mn)


After drought and misery in Bolivia, the 2 Ds and their tandem encounter jungle, rain, forests and glaciers, a true postal card life-siez: New Zealand; their trip there is paved with fabulous meetings with the Kiwi folk. And then, they land in Asia: what a shock ! Thailand, first, where they’ll both laugh and cry at their ignorance of the local language, and then Lao and its red moutains, before Vietnam, the ant-hill of the Asian peninsula, where locals and expats alike will introduce the French couple to their country. Travelling across Cambodia, the tandem reach Thailand again, where decision is made to try and ride across the Himalayas and Tibet before winter...

Bolivia - Damien Artero - Delphine Million

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