This film is in English, but it is also available in French.
Ce film est en anglais, mais il est également disponible en version française.

The Little Singer (71 mn)


Three films starring the teenage Jeanne Starewitch, Nina, as a singing thread, as on the DVD Nina Star. A tale replete with an unexpected mix of animation and real shots, composed images, and stunning special effects in the 1920s.

The Little Street Singer 14’55" – coloration and dyeing process - 1924
The Little Parade  23’09" – coloration and dyeing process - 1928
The Magic Clock 32’56" – coloration and dyeing process - 1928

These films have been digitally restored.
English subtitles by Léona Béatrice Martin-Starewitch, with many thanks to Cécile Farkas and Brent Keever.

DVD Extras (14min) : acknowledgments to Gilles Bellon

Jacky the Monkey, b/w, silent, 20"
Ascension of the soldiers killed in combat in 14-18, b/w, silent, 31"
Nina Star, Jeanne Starewitch dances in The Little Parade, 43", b/w, silent.
How the Special Effects Work : two sequences from The Magic Clock, n/b, muet
-Yolande, stopped near a tree, shrinks and tries to flee to the point of disappearing, 2’36"
-Yolande fidgets and fights in the hands of the Giant of the forest, , 2’59"
Two versions of How a Ciné-marionnette Comes to Life and Moves,
Sound, b/w, 3’ 20" – Silent version, b/w, 1’ 37"
The Magic Clock, Three scenes with special effects, b/w, sound, 47"
Ladislas and Irène shoot  The Magic Clock, set shot, 12"

A booklet of 20 pages by L. B. Martin-Starewitch and François Martin.

b/w and color - Format 4/3 – French version English subtitles

DVD Pal Zone 2


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lire la suite...

Classics - Heritage - Starewitch - Youth - animation - héritage

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