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This film is in English, but it is also available in French.
Ce film est en anglais, mais il est également disponible en version française.

Carrousel (77 mn)


The last films Ladislas and Irène Starewitch after the Second World War. If Fern Flower recalls The Tale of the Fox or Fétiche, all of these short films suggest a marked evolution in Starewitch's style towards a certain minimalism that recalls the age of silent films.
Fern Flower - 1949, color, sound, music by Daniel Lesur, 25min, first prize for the best animated film at the11th Children's Film Festeval at the Venice Biennale of 1950.
Wee Cheep Cheep Gazouilly - 1953, color sound, music by  André Muscat, 13min.
Cheep Cheep Gazouilly's Sunday - 1955, color, sound, music by André Muscat, 13min, award from the Children's Film Festival at the 13th International Mostra of Venice, 1956.
Nose to the Wind - 1956, color, sound, music by Daniel White, 13min.

The Northern Lights Carrousel  - 1958, couleur, sonore, musique Daniel White, 13min.

These films have been digitially restored.

English subtitles by  Léona Béatrice Martin-Starewitch, many thanks to Cécile Farkas and Brent Keever.

DVD Extras (75 mn) :
These extras encompass the entirety of  Starewitch's work in such a way that as of now the entirety of the film collection Martin-Starewitch (finished and unfinished films) have been edited by Doriane films.

This DVD offers complementary scenes and images from finished films, rushes from unfinished films (including  Poucette (Thumbelina), 1931, and Plastique animée ou le mouvement imaginaire (Animated Plasticity or Imaginary Movement), around 1960, the collaboration with Jacques de Baroncelli, around 1934, still-image films of a scientific nature, around 1946-1952, the final project  Comme Chien et Chat (Like Cats and Dogs), 1958-1965, and various images including the photographs of L. Starewitch.

A 16 page booklet by L.B. Martin-Starewitch and François Martin.

Black and white, and color

French version - English subtitles
DVD Pal Zone 2

The VOD offer includes these five films in their French version English subtitles.



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Starewitch - animation cinema - puppet cinema

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