This film is in English, but it is also available in French.
Ce film est en anglais, mais il est également disponible en version française.

The Tale of the Fox (65 mn)


Ladislas & Irène Starewitch

New sound and image restoration.

The Tale of the Fox is a masterpiece. It is the only feature-length film of Ladislas and Irène Starewitch and has been newly restored digitially. The images were shot in 1929-1930. Ten years afterwards, the French version was reworked with sound for its Paris premiere in 1941. In the meantime, a first sound version, Reineke Fuchs, was viewed in Germany in 1937. For the first time ever, the viewer will be able to make note of the clear differences between these two versions, both from the masterful hand of L. Starewitch. 


The Tale of the Fox - 1941
Black and white, sound, French version, 65 min. Adaptation Roger Richebé, screenplay Irène Starewitch, created and animated by Ladislas and Irène Starewitch, dialogue Jean Nohain and Antoinette Nordmann, music Vincent Scotto, voices Claude Dauphin, Sylvia Bataille, Romain Bouquet, Rayne, Sylvain Itkine, Larive, R. Seller, Debray, Amato, Pons, Suzy Dornac.

English subtiles Léona Béatrice Martin-Starewitch.

Many thanks to Cécile Farkas and Brent Keever.

DVD Extras :

Reineke Fuchs - 1937
Black and white, sound, French version, 65 min. Music, Julius Kopsch, song vocals Inge Bartsch, text Wilhelm Krug, narrator Leo Peukert. Production UFA. Screenplay, animation, and directed by Ladislas and Irène Starewitch.

English and French sub-titles: Léona Béatrice Martin-Starewitch.

Translated from German by Léona Béatrice Martin-Starewitch.
Many thanks to André Plontz and Brent Keever.
This is the film version as it was produced by the UFA and screened in Germany as of October 1937.

-Still-Image Film, black and white, silent, 2mn24
Ladislas and Irène Starewitch created still-image films after the Second World War, including this example : Noble Lion Orders Brown the Bear to Bring Fox to Court
-A dropped scene, 32 sec.
Fox Takes Chickens Confession, 32 sec.
-Working Documents,1mn37
Stars around Cat’s head.
Images of the mouse

Photogramme of the Queen.

Original French version.
English subtiles.

Original German version.
French and English subtitles.

VOD offered is The Tale of the Fox (65min.), French version English subtitles.


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