This film is in English, but it is also available in French.
Ce film est en anglais, mais il est également disponible en version française.

Cyborgs Among Us (75 mn)


Cyborgs are human beings who have implanted electronic devices in their bodies in order to extend their senses and/or enhance their capabilities or action. Technology with the potential for human enhancement is already available, but its use is strictly restricted to medical applications. However, the first cyborgs are already crossing the boundaries of their human limits starting a debate on human enhancement and touching the basic idea of what we are. This film will confront the viewer with the implications of going beyond human by letting machines become part of us.
Anthem Libertarian Film Festival (Las Vegas, Etats-Unis, 2018) : Lauréat International Feature Documentary
Japan Prize 2018 Nominee, Lifelong Learning category 

Health - Human body - Medicine - Research - Society - Technology

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