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The last films Ladislas and Irène Starewitch after the Second World War. If Fern Flower recalls The Tale of the Fox or Fétiche, all of these short films suggest a marked evolution in Starewitch's style towards a certain minimalism that recalls the age of silent films.

Fétiche 33-12

Fétiche 33-12 DVD

The film Fétiche 33-12 is the original version conceived of by Ladislas and Irène Starewitch before suffering distributor cuts. In 2012, « L.S. 18 » fond once again its 1933 length and editing, hence the title Fétiche 33-12.

The Fables of Starewitch after La Fontaine

The Fables of Starewitch after La Fontaine SVODVODDVD

6 films, from 1922 to 1932, French original version with the voice of Léona Béatrice Martin-Starewitch, the grand-daughter of Ladislas Starewitch.

The Tale of the Fox

The Tale of the Fox SVODVODDVD

Ladislas and Irene Starewitch's masterpiece, The Tale of the Fox, a 1930s monument adapted from a medieval fabliau, has been newly restored digitially.

The Man from the Borderlands

The Man from the Borderlands SVODVODDVD

3 films from 1920 to 1925 that illustrate the cultural universe of Ladislas Starewitch and his cinema references.
With ciné-marionnettes of Sessue Hayakawa, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Tom Mix, Ben Turpin

Nina Star


4 films from 1921 to 1927 with Jeanne Starewitch, youngest daughter of Ladislas and Anne Starewitch, in the role of Nina Star, the heroine of this programme.

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