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No Man Iceland

No Man Iceland SVODVOD

One family, one tandem, around and across Iceland : incredible landscapes, an often wild and uncopromising environment ; a fascinating population which mixes discretion or shyness with pride and stubborness, as well as love for her land ; the personal challenge to ride around and across those baren, savage lands on a bike, fully autonomous, wit...

The "Grand detour" - First episode

The "Grand detour" - First episode SVODVOD

After leaving Grenoble on a bright Spring day, Delphine, Damien, and Buzzz, their tandem, don’t let a couple punctures and technical failures stop them from riding across the French and Spanish Pyrénées – towards Argentina, and a long and magnificent journey: headwind, cows and condors, and the Argentinian folk’s marvelous hospitality! Suffering...

The "Grand detour" - 2rd episode

The "Grand detour" - 2rd episode SVODVOD

After drought and misery in Bolivia, the 2 Ds and their tandem encounter jungle, rain, forests and glaciers, a true postal card life-siez: New Zealand; their trip there is paved with fabulous meetings with the Kiwi folk. And then, they land in Asia: what a shock ! Thailand, first, where they’ll both laugh and cry at their ignorance of the local ...

The "Grand detour" - 3rd episode

The "Grand detour" - 3rd episode SVODVOD

The Himalayas... the dream inside the dream, and a myth turned into reality for Delphine and Damien! 1.5 year after living France, they ride across forbidden Tibet, the highest country in the world, on their tandem bike, for 2 month and a half, and make a break along the way in Lhassa to capture the Tibetan folk's unmovable faith under Chinese ...

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