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This film is in English, but it is also available in French.
Ce film est en anglais, mais il est également disponible en version française.

71° loneliness North (53 mn)


A lone woman skiing and pulling her sled across Lapland in winter

“My name is Nathalie.
I get on my skis in Ivalo, Finland.
I load up my sled and I welcome, with a grimacing pleasure, on my shoulders and the small of my back, its 71 kilos of gear.
All my life fits in there, and will, for the two and half months to come. I put in that too, I know, my doubts and hopes.
I hope not to loose them on the way, my hopes, but maybe the way shall make them real. Make me real. This adventure is also about loneliness, anxiety and euphoria, details of a nature buried under snow, lethargy, a place where the slightest jolt feels like an effervescence.
I wish to demystify the idea that nature is there only hostile.
I’m probably also willing to show that with the suitable preparation, many projects are feasible, which seem downright inaccessible.
As a nobody I want to reach the North Cape and then ski down along the Scandinavian spine, in full autonomy, and before the spring melts out.
71 kilos. 71 days. 71° north.
And more than 1200 kilometers of ice and snow to cover.”

Finland - aventure - travel

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