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Words of the city

Words of the city SVODVOD

Mamadou Ba is a public writer. Twice a week, he works in a neighbourhood house in Montreuil.


Perseverance SVODVOD

Portrait of a man of the sea : Dimitri is Fish Captain in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy. Far from his family, from monday morning to friday evening, aboard his trawller "La Persévérance", he tracks soles, mackerels, sea bass and squids ...

My work, my sorrow

My work, my sorrow SVODVODDVD

An encounter with François, Vincent, Marie and others, who reveal the hardship of their daily work in France. They suffer in their jobs which they need to hold on to at all costs. Is such widespread distress inevitable ?

Man, that old sick animal

Man, that old sick animal SVODVOD

I meet Jean-Luc Nancy wondering what it means to make philosophy his destiny. Something that may seem strange, even foreign to most of us.

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