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1943, a pause in the Holocaust

1943, a pause in the Holocaust SVODVOD

1943. While the “Final Solution” raged in Europe, the Italian Army protected the Jews in the areas they occupied. For 9 months a small alpine village in the South of France, 64 kilometres North of Nice, is changed into an Eastern European “shetel”. 

Closing Your Eyes

Closing Your Eyes SVODVODDVD

September 2005. The Israelis are leaving Gaza. But how about the situation in the West Bank ?
Three Palestinian towns dying of confinement and suffocation : Nablus, the rebellious, lively and loud… Hebron, the resigned, empty and silent… Qalqilya, dying…

Earth promised sky

Earth promised sky SVODVODDVD

Day and night, Shida tirelessly draws portraits of her five sons, currently reported missing. Like thousands of other women in Srebrenica, she lives in her dreams and takes part in the protests demanding that justice be done. For the first time in History, a large-scale initiative has been launched to search for the 27.731 people who went missing during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovinia.

Letters from the phantom train

Letters from the phantom train SVODVOD

June 1944 : In the midst of the Liberation, 800 deportees were transported from French camps to Germany. Due to the Allies’ bombing and Resistants’ attacks, the railway was in such bad shape that the journey across France took 57 days. The deportees even had to walk at some occasions and were seen by several eye witnesses. The journey ended in Dachau and more than half of the deportees never came back.

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