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Past Tense

Past Tense SVODVOD

Of the past, remain memories, like a fragile trace of a time which isn't anymore…



Li Mo left China many years ago but the Nereides have never ceased haunting him. As those who saw these beautiful and deadly nymphs have consumed in desire.

Man, that old sick animal

Man, that old sick animal SVODVOD

I meet Jean-Luc Nancy wondering what it means to make philosophy his destiny. Something that may seem strange, even foreign to most of us.

The Name of the 86

The Name of the 86 SVODVODDVD

86 Jews selected in the camp of Auschwitz were deported in the summer of 1943 to the Natzweiler-Struthof camp where a gas chamber was specially equipped to kill them. August Hirt, director of the Anatomical Institute of Strasbourg, wanted a collection of Jewish skeletons, to keep track of this «race who personify a repulsive, yet characteristic subhumanity ». How did this cynical project came to life?

Franco's promise

Franco's promise SVODVOD

BelchiteAragon, is an emblematic town of the collective amnesia that struck Spain after the civil war. Today, the injured memory of the population is getting lost among the ruins of the old village, destroyed after the fratricidal fightings of the civil war and the streets of the new village, built by Franco...

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