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Zaïna 46

Zaïna 46 SVODVOD

Abdel has been working in a café for several years in France. His wife Zaïna has remained on the other side of the Mediterranean. And any attempt at communication makes the lack of the other more unbearable.

Near Future

Near Future SVODVOD

Two screens. On the left, Tim is wandering through the city at night. On the right, his future is already being written: in a few seconds, he will be the victim of a very serious assault.

Montmartre Kiss

Montmartre Kiss SVODVOD

Il has loved Elle since he was a teenager. Tonight, he wants to seduce her but a couple of gangsters jeopardize his plans.

14th of July

14th of July SVODVOD

As a couple of elders wander through the streets of Paris, feelings start to come back and emotions arise…

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